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Hypnotherapy in
Worcester - Hypnotherapist
Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Worcester Hypnotherapist since 1997

Kevin qualified with the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis in 1997 and since practising have seen many peoples lives changed, sometimes transformed by the simple, safe and natural form of treatment that hypnotherapy offers 

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Hypnotherapy in Worcestershire

An Information source for hypnosis and treatment of  problems using hypnotherapy. 

Written and updated by U.K hypnotherapist Kevin  Garrington, D hyp, BSCH (Assoc) 

Worcester Hypnotherapy Practice. UK

Welcome to my Worcester Hypnotherapy website

Do you want to feel more confident and in control of your life?

Do you want to stop inappropriate habits or phobias?

Do you want to feel more relaxed and positive about life?

Do you want to give up smoking and feel fitter and wealthier?

Do you want to control your eating habits?

Hypnotherapy in Worcester

If, like me when I first encountered hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you are perhaps a little unsure what to expect of the phenomenon I do hope this web site helps you to understand how a very natural and safe form of therapy can help you to achieve greater potential or put right areas that are now no longer appropriate for you in your life.

Hypnotherapy is a totally safe, natural form of therapy. It is simply a form of mental relaxation, rather like meditation, that allows changes to be made utilising the inherent power of your mind. Since being fully endorsed by the BMA as a legitimate and effective form of therapy in 1955, hypnotherapy has grown steadily to become the success story it is today, but even now I find it is sometimes overlooked by some who could otherwise have benefited, maybe put off by the portrayal of stage hypnotism.

You may have seen hypnotism on the television where it appears someone is controlling particular members of the audience. In a clinical setting it is neither dramatic nor exciting, but don't let this give you the impression that it can't therefore be as powerful as you may have believed, it is in fact far more powerful than most people imagine. The human mind itself is the catalyst to change, after all that is where the origin of most problems that we have come from, whether it is a phobia, a state of anxiety or just a craving for cigarettes or food.

I qualified with the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis in 1997 and since practising have seen many peoples lives changed, sometimes transformed by the simple, safe and natural form of treatment that hypnotherapy offers.

Many people I have helped have turned to hypnotherapy as the last resort, having already tried slower, older forms of therapy. Hypnotherapy simply utilises your latent natural abilities to overcome your problems and effect change in a completely safe and relaxing way; very powerful and effective changes being made in a very short time scale.

You will find answers to many of your questions in this site, for quick reference the Frequently Asked Questions page will answer many of the questions normally on peoples minds about hypnotherapy and its applications. Within the site you will also find information about my general approach to therapy. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are fascinating subjects and once you gain a better understanding of your own inner workings you will know positive changes can be made quite easily and effectively.

I am a member of The General Hypnotherapy Register holding the Senior Award in Hypnotherapy Practice, SQHP in recognition of my experience and was trained by the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy at the University of Central England, Birmingham. 

I have had a practice as a hypnotherapist in Worcester since 1997. I am also involved in helping people with both personal self-improvement and helping company's employees cope with stress and be more productive in the workplace.

I hope this website will also be of interest to my former clients and anyone who simply just wants to understand more about hypnotherapy.

Every week I treat people for a whole range of problems including anxiety states, depression, phobias, panic attacks, slimming, painful emotions, self esteem/confidence, insomnia, public speaking, nail-biting, in fact an extensive range of mind and body problems. Clicking on the links will take you to the relevant areas you may be specifically interested in.

Letters and Testimonials

Read a selection of some of the testimonials and letters I've received over the years. Many of my clients come as a direct result of personal recommendation. Even so, it's always nice when the phone rings and someone says they've just been recommended to me. Hypnotherapy is usually a very short term treatment when compared to psychotherapy and hypnotherapists therefore need a much larger turnaround of new clients!

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